• FAQ - Frequently asked questions (#asktimluca7)

    Question: What is your favourite sport?
    Answer: I love basketball. I also like swimming and cycling. But I don't like football (only watching on TV).

    Question: When is your birthday?
    Answer: My birthday is on the 7th of May. I even think every year. :-)

    Question: Is 'Luca' your surname?
    Answer: No. My first name is 'Tim Luca'. Some people call me Tim, come people call me Tim Luca. I love them both.

    Question: Are your head shots available to order?
    Answer: We are working on it. If you want a autographed picture, look how to do under 'contact'.

    Question: Have you been published somewhere, printed advert & catalogues?
    Answer: You can see some shots in several print ads and on some websites.

    Question: What is your favorite singer?
    Answer: I like the Cover-Singers Keanrah, Abhinav, Lukas and Mike, and I totally love the songs of Justin Bieber.

    Question: Have you ever been to the USA?
    Answer: No. Unfortunately not yet.

    Question: How old were you when you started modeling?
    Answer: I started modeling with the age of 6.

    Question: What city in the United States are you most interested in visiting?
    Answer: Los Angeles. Big dream is to meet some friends I made online, and of course to meet my buddy Mace Coronel.

    Question: Did you ever ride a Jetski?
    Answer: Yes, I did. Last year dad and me rented a Jetski. It was so much fun.

    Question: How many pets do you have?
    Answer: I have on dog. Her name is Julie and she is an old lady (16 Years old). Love her.

    Question: What do you always do on happy sundays.
    Answer: Having fun with my friends and family. Playing outside, go swimming and sometimes playing video games.

    Question: What the weather like in Germany?
    Answer: Just take a look: Weather in Germany

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